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Liquid Nitrogen Accessories

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  1. 1.8 ltr Liquid nitrogen pot

    1.8 ltr Liquid nitrogen pot for Molecular Ice Cream Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

    AED 175.00
  2. Gloves

    Working Gloves Low temperature liquid nitrogen Gloves Thick Warm Sponge Anti-cold Cold-resistant Anti-freezing Dry ice Gloves.

    AED 250.00
  3. Phase Separator

    Phase separators are designed to minimize splashing or vaporizing of liquid nitrogen.

    AED 1,000.00
  4. Pouring Pipe

    Constructed of flexible stainless steel material, transfer hoses are designed to transfer liquid nitrogen typically from one larger unit to a much smaller unit.

    AED 1,200.00
  5. Pump

    Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Pump, Length Adjustable Pump.

    AED 1,600.00
Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)